Advanced Rolling Service Doors

Speed. Security. Durability.

The one door that meets your most demanding requirements – RapidSlat combines the speed of a high performance door with the security and durability of a rolling steel door. RapidSlat delivers the best possible combination in one safe, rugged, and easy to operate door system. Now you can benefit from a high-performance solution that is fast, without needing a second door. Only RapidSlat gives you the best of both worlds.

Advantages of RapidSlat®

RapidSlat® is an extension of the rolling steel product line and provides customers with speed and product longevity. It includes the same general construction as Overhead Door’s rolling steel line with significant enhancements to provide increased speed, security and durability. These
innovations include:

  • Faster opening speed increases productivity and decreases time the door is open, reducing the loss of conditioned air
  • Reliable springless operation eliminating the need for a counterbalance
  • A variety of insulation, weather seal, and wind load options are available to satisfy applications in a wide range of environmental conditions
  • Universal components for easy maintenance
  • Field-installable accessories such as radio controls or motion detectors to match a wide range of application requirements

Easy to Operate. Easy to Service

RapidSlat® gives you everything you need in a highperformance industrial door system, including:

  • Advanced diagnostics for fast and easy troubleshooting
  • Advanced performance direct drive motor with variable frequency drive provides smooth operation

Performance and Durability

Building owners and operators appreciate RapidSlat® doors for speed, performance and reliability. This high performance door system has operating controls located at eye level for ease of access control and maintenance. If the curtain is damaged, door slats can be replaced with minimal downtime. RapidSlat® also features:

  • Maximum performance and functionality with minimum maintenance requirements
  • 60 month limited warranty on door system

Available in 197 Powder Coat Colors

Choose from a selection of 197 powder coat colors to match the aesthetic and design of your project. On the RapidSlat® models this color optional upgrade includes a hardening additive that provides an attractive and durable finish and easy-to-clean surface.

Standard Features

Built-In Safety Features

Patent Pending Braking System

NEMA 4X Control Panel

Unlike most rolling steel doors, RapidSlat® comes standard
with photo cells featuring impact resistant steel guards
Unique drop stop device provides you peace of mind as it prevents uncontrolled curtain travel.
Can be mounted in interior or exterior applications because it is
corrosion-resistant. Easy to install control system LCD readouts indicate door action, alarm and fault conditions. Includes built-in timer and non-resettable cycle counter for maintenance and service reminders. Door control system meets UL508A standards.

Technical Data

  • Application:
  • Mounting position (motor/control panel)
    Interior/Exterior - face of wall mounting only for maximum opening space and reduced door damage.
  • Models
  • Wind resistance
    20 psf standard; Miami Dade available on all sizes. FBC available Q1 2010.
  • Opening size
    Maximum width - up to 20 ft. / Maximum height - up to 20 ft. Maximum total square footage - up to 400 sq. ft. dependent on slat design.
  • Opening / Closing Speed
    Opening speed - 20" per second
    Closing speed - 12" per second

Control & Drive System

  • Motor
    Direct drive, (1/2 HP)(1 HP)(2 HP) dependent on door size, hypoid gear motor/brake assembly in 208/230/460 VAC, 3 Phase voltage. Specify right hand or left hand mount when ordering.
  • Control Panel
    Variable Frequency Drive with soft start/stop, self-diagnostics, and non-resettable cycle counter.
  • Protection
    NEMA 4 - Protection against falling dirt, rain, sleet, snow, windblown dust, splashing water, and hose-directed water. NEMA 4X protection on control panel and junction box includes corrosion protection.


  • Material
    Steel slats in a variety of gauges. Aluminum or stainless steel optional. Gauge and slat selection will affect size availability.
  • Colors
    Gray or tan powdercoat standard. Available in 197 powdercoat colors with Tiger DrylacTM Series 4A special hardening additive for durability in high cycle applications. The unique, anti-graffiti special coating helps maintain a "like-new" finish.
  • Standard Safety Features
    Self-monitoring black/yellow striped electric sensing edge reverses closing door upon impact. Impact, Guide mounted photo-electric sensors with impact protecting steel guard. RapidSlat's unique stop lock brake system provides you peace of mind.
  • Available Options
    Push buttons, loop detectors, radio control, motion detectors, additional photo-electric sensors, horns, strobe lights, or any combination thereof.

    Considerable thought should be given to the choice of actuators based on the type of traffic and traffic flow through the opening. Auxiliary inputs included for external actuators such as third party card readers.

Slat Styles

A variety of slat styles in steel, aluminum and stainless steel are available including curved, flat, insulated flat, perforated and fenestrated. Perforation only available on F-265 slat profile. Fenestration option available on F-265 and C-275. C-187 slats cannot be used for completely fenestrated doors. Slats can be replaced quickly, minimizing downtime.

Fenestrated Slat Close-Up View

Curved slat with 3"by 5/8" Fenestration
F265 with 10" by 1" Fenestration

Face-of-Wall Mounted

RapidSlat® doors mount flush against the wall instead of between the door jambs for maximum opening space and reduced door damage.

Dimension A by Slat Type

Series 626

This insulated advanced service door is perfect for climate controlled situations and applications with weather extremes such as external doors on a food manufacturing facility.

Series 621

This advanced service door is best suited to situations and applications with weather extremes. For example, agricultural facilities in the Midwest would benefit from the door’s rugged construction and weather sealed jambs.

Series 611

This advanced service door is well suited for any application that requires a rolling steel door with the added benefits of high cycles, increased productivity and durability including banks, manufacturing facilities, and parking garages. It is ideal for customers in the parking garage market wanting to replace grilles. The fenestrated slats allow air circulation; they are more durable than grilles and more secure than fabric doors.

Downloadable Brochure and Warranty

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