Thermacore Series 599

This heavy-duty, thermally efficient door fits a wide range of opening sizes and the spectrum of applications making it the most-specified insulated sectional door in the industry.

Standard Features

  • Panel Thickness - 2"

  • R-Value - 17.50

  • U-Value - .057

  • Air Infiltration -

    • At 15 mph: .08 cfm
    • At 25 mph: .08 cfm

  • Windload Design - Meets ANSI/DASMA 102-1996

  • Thermal Break - PVC

  • Exterior Steel - .015" Galvanized Steel

  • Exterior Surface - Flush, Textured

  • Standard Springs - 10,000 Cycle

  • STC Rating - Class 26

  • Maximum Width - 40'2"

  • Maximum Height - 32'1"

  • Exterior Color - White

  • Interior Color - White

  • Limited Warranty - 10-Year Delamination
    1-year door
    3-year/20,000 cycle door and operator system (material and workmanship)


  • Thermal glazing
  • Four-section pass door
  • High-usage components
  • 592 only: Trinar finish option available in white, brown, and beige (20-year limited warranty)
  • Electric operator
  • Chain hoist
  • Posi-Tension® drums
  • Stop bottom fixture
  • Bottom sensing edge
  • Header and jamb seal
  • Aluminum sash section available to 24'2" wide
  • Exhaust ports

The Most Thermally Efficient Door System

With a 17.50 R-value and .057 U-value, the Thermacore® Models 592/599 are the energy-efficient door of choice for commercial use. The 592/599 also incorporate a thermal break and joint seal to prevent thermal transfer between exterior and interior door panel skins. The door is designed for the most demanding situations, including high-cycle, wind load and thermal applications.Built with the best technology in the business.

This 2" thick, extra-heavy duty door is available in standard sizes up to 40'2" and 32'1" to fit the broadest range of applications. Fabricated using Overhead Door Corporation's patented, computer-controlled manufacturing process, the 592 Series adheres to the strictest product tolerances and quality standards. The result is an exceptionally well-built door that provides the highest degree of thermal efficiency - whether you are facing Arctic-like cold, Saharan-type heat, or more temperate climactic conditions with stringent environmental demands.

Highly Engineered for High Thermal Efficiency
Thermacore's CFC-free, fully encapsulated, foamed-in place panel maintains R-value performance year round - and year in and year out. Thermal breaks between internal and external skins, PVC joint seals and tight-fitting, heavy-duty fixtures minimize air infiltration and provides one of the highest thermal efficiency ratings in the industry.

Strong, Lightweight, Attractive and Durable
Thermacore 592 doors feature .016" roll-formed, hot-dipped galvanized steel exterior panels. Standard door design includes windload design conforming to ANSI/DASMA 1-2=1996. Two coats of white, baked-on, polyester paint on the ribbed, textured surface provide a handsome finish that will last for years. Our 10-year warranty against delamination means that we'll stand behind the quality of our doors at the outset and for the long haul.

Superior Field Serviceability
Thermacore's special internal construction allows hinges to be placed anywhere along the panel's length permitting customization on the job site - for fast and precise installation, repair or retrofit.

Many Options, Better Solutions
The Thermacore 592 is available in sizes up to 40'2" wide and 32'1" high. A full line of electric operators ensures precise and trouble-free motor operation in a variety of mounting options (side, center or trolley). Available options include aluminum sash section up to 22'2" widths, thermal glazing, pedestrian pass door, and jamb weatherstripping. Optional high-usage components expand the 592's versatility to high-cycle conditions, with torsion springs in 25k, 50k, 75k or 100k cycles, a solid-steel shaft to reduce fatigue and deflection, and a heavy-duty 3" steel track for added durability.

SnapBack Breakaway Sections
SnapBack Breakaway door sections are designed for traffic areas where sectional doors are damaged by frequent collisions with forklifts or other industrial equipment. Constructed of energy-efficient Thermacore sections, the quick release/quick reset design minimizes repair costs and facility downtime. SnapBack doors are available in a full line of door options in maximum widths of 16' and heights of 24'1".

Styling Options


Flush, textured panel




Double Thermal Acrylic
(25” w by 12”h)
Aluminum Sash Sectio
with DSB Glazing
Insulated DSB
(24"w by 7”h)
Clear Long*
(44"w by 15”h)

*Not available on doors larger than 20'2"

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