Model RMX

Introducing the RMX Operator — our newest and most advanced medium-duty operator yet. Designed for quicker installation and hassle-free operation, the RMX offers convenient features and technical innovations found nowhere else in a medium-duty operator.

In addition to its quality craftsmanship, industry-leading warranty and rugged design, the RMX Operator makes set-up a snap, thanks to direct coupling and the availability of easy access mounting holes.

Standard features include Socket-lock Protection, Auto-reverse and an Auto-tensioning Belt System.

A Great Solution Just Keeps Getting Better

The Intelligent Menu Structure used in all RMX Commercial Operators makes daily operations upgrades simpler than ever. For every option board installed, the intuitive system automatically brings up an operations menu, so there’s no confusion, no guesswork and no delays in operator set-up. Plus, all RMX systems are designed to meet the rigid requirements of UL325.


  • Motor - Single-phase voltages of 115 Volts AC and 230 Volts AC 1/2 horsepower

  • Direct Coupling - Provides fast, easy installation with fewer parts and better structural support

  • Display - 16-character LCD display provides easy-to-read set-up and diagnostics with backlight for low-light conditions

  • Cycle Counter - Displays the total cycles logged over the operator’s lifetime, to support warranty and service functions

  • Adjustable Shaft - Output shaft can be moved from one side to the other providing flexible installation options

  • Independent Timers - Automatic maximum run timer stops the close function if preset run time is exceeded, allowing for inspection

  • Control System - On-board Open, Close and Stop buttons make set-up and testing simple, saving time during installation

  • Control Buttons -

    • Cal Mode/Run Mode
    • Backlight
    • Scroll Up/Down
    • Set/Clear

The ultimate systems for medium-duty commercial applications

  • 16-Character LCD Display - provides easy-to-read set-up and diagnostics with backlight for low light conditions Another First from Overhead Door

  • Exterior Radio Hookups - for fast, simple RF connectivity to enable remote door operation

  • On-Board Control Set-Up - enables easy installation through simple, intuitive user interface and menu-driven commands

  • Automatic Tensioning Belt - no adjustment is needed. Belt automatically adjusts itself to the correct tension - for life. Another First from Overhead Door

  • Automatic Set-Up Boards with Socket-Lock Protection - prevents accidental wiring errors through "plug and play" technology

  • Optional Limit System - Another First from Overhead Door

  • Built-In Control Keys - easy-press controls for quick, one-touch open, close and stop operations

  • Setting Limits - enhances functionality and maximizes performance by easily establishing range of travel and stops

  • Anti-Corrosion Protection Shaft - ensures long life and durable performance of all high-wear operational components

  • Easy-to-Remove Cover - made of durable plastic, dismounts for easy installation and service

  • Mounting Feet Preassembly - allows fast, easy installation by minimizing assembly steps and maximizing installation flexibility

  • Easy-Access Lock Down Holes - designed for hassle-free mounting and tightening

  • A world of practical uses for business

    The RMX family of medium-duty commercial operators gives you exceptional flexibility to select the system that best suits your industrial application.

    RMX Trolley
    For use on standard lift doors up to 14 feet high and 620 lbs

    • 120 square feet of 16 gauge steel insulated sectional
    • 290 square feet of 24 gauge steel non-insulated sectional

    RMX Jackshaft with and without Hoist – Sectional Door
    For use on vertical lift, lift clearance sectional door up to 16 feet high and 620 lbs

    • 120 square feet of 16 gauge steel insulated sectional
    • 290 square feet of 24 gauge steel non-insulated sectional

    RMX Jackshaft with and without Hoist – Rolling Service Doors and Grilles
    For use with rolling steel doors or grilles up to 16 feet high and 580 lbs

    • 203 square feet of 22 gauge rolling steel

    General Operation

    • Single-Phase Voltages - RMX series commercial operators are available in single-phase, 115 Volts AC and 230 Volts AC

    • 1/2 Horsepower

    • Delay on Reverse - Standard delay feature provides less wear-and-tear on the door

    • Long-Distance Pushbutton Run - Install a wire-run pushbutton up to 1,000 feet without additional kits or special hardware within line-of-sight of the door

    • Anti-Corrosion Protection - All vital components of RMX Operators, including sheet metal and shafts are finished to resist corrosion


    • Independent Maximum Run Timers - designed to automatically stop a door if the preset run time on opening or closing is exceeded to prevent potential damage to the system

    • On-Board Open/Close/Stop Button Control - simplifies set-up, saving time during installation

    • 16-Character Display - easy-to-read, backlit display makes set-up and diagnostics easy

    • Monitored Photocell - feature allows the easy connection of Safe-T-Beam photocells

    • Cycle Counter - displays the total number of cycles the operator has achieved to assist in warranty or service functions

    • Socket-Lock Protection - all connections are designed using keyed connectors to eliminate the potential for accidental cross-wiring. Al on-board components integrate to the system using simple plug and play connectors


    • Power Train - auto-tensioning belt system with chain and sprocket reduction delivers steady, rugged and reliable performance and eliminates the need for belt tension adjustments

    • Auto-Reverse System (Trolley Versions Only) - instructs the operator to reverse an operation and open a door to its limit if an obstruction is detected

    • Emergency Egress - rolling grilles and doors can be quickly released from the floor with the addition of an optional flush-mounted releasing box

    • Direct Couple - provides a clean and fast method of coupling the operator to the door in side mount applications

    • Factory Installed - easily adjustable mounting feet make adjustments a snap, from 3.75" to 5" CD on door shafts

    • Life Tested - maximum load tested to ensure long-term performance